Dakota Johnson takes the plunge in Oliver Peoples’ latest short

The Oliver Peoples boutique eyewear brand debuted the Lisa Eisner-directed short film at the center of its spring/summer 2012 advertising campaign during a celeb-studded cocktail party at the Chateau Marmont penthouse on April 20.

The party — a collaborative effort with Vanity Fair, Eisner and Jacqui Getty — marked the debut of Eisner’s short film “Float,” starring Dakota Johnson and Thomas McDonnell (2011’s “Prom” and the upcoming “Fun Size”) spending a good deal of time plunging into, frolicking around — and yes, floating in — a pool.

It also marked a reboot of the Oliver Peoples website, which went live Monday and where the video can currently be watched in its entirety.

The party was one of those intimate-feeling Hollywood soirees — you know the kind, where a cigarette girl plies the crowd with cigarettes and a theater concession’s worth of candy, and Ray Liotta and Val Kilmer can be seen laughing it up in one corner of the penthouse patio, while Getty and Gia Coppola are chatting animatedly in another, and the guy sitting studiously in the screening room (where Val Kilmer, Ray Liottathe three-minute film played continuously for guests) looks a lot like James L. Brooks precisely because it is James L. Brooks. (Unfortunately, we had to duck out before there was a rumored Chrisopher Walken walk-in.)

Even though her movie credits include “The Social Network,” the big-screen remake of “21 Jump Street” and “The Five Year Engagement” (which hits theaters April 27) the name Dakota Johnson might not be a familiar one to you, though you’d probably recognize her parents — Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.

According to the press notes, Eisner’s “Float,” set to Brook Benton’s “For My Baby,” is supposed to be about “this generation’s youthful sense of freedom and desire,” but, in all honesty, all we could think about as we left the screening room (through a balcony window, naturally) was which of her famous parents Johnson can thank for her unusually dexterous toes.

Eisner also directed last season’s ad campaign short that starred Devendra Banhart and Rebecca Schwartz. Past Oliver Peoples campaigns have featured the likes of Robert Evans, Zooey Deschanel and Elijah Wood.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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