“Ben and Kate” Pilot – Could be a Hit!

Interesting twist on the man-child, responsible female dynamic, Ben and Kate are brother and sister. Our obligatory voice-over intro tells us Ben is a goofy wanderer who loves his sister and Kate is the goody-two-shoes who made one mistake and got knocked up when she was young. This does result in an adorable moppet, Maddie. Kate works with BJ, the slutty girl bestie, and Tommy, the dorky boy bestie who is in love with Kate.

Kate is dating George but they have yet to consummate the relationship which results in a lot of “we are gonna get it on” talk between Kate and BJ. We also learn Ben doesn’t click with George, needless to say nor does Tommy.

Ben has popped into town because his high school girlfriend Darcy is getting married. So we have our two main plot lines. George and Kate will or won’t and Ben is going to try and break-up the wedding. Kate learns about Ben’s plan because she checks in on him and Maddie with a nanny-cam.

Haven’t quite laughed out loud at the show yet, cracked a smile, but no big huge laughs.

Kate reluctantly agrees to help him plot to break up the wedding, and then heads out to the big date with George. She gets some advice on being sexy from BJ. Kate’s attempt falls apart when she tries to take off her sweater and managed to take off her top as well. She pocket dials Ben so he overhears the entire thing including a conversation Ben has with his girlfriend/wife while Kate is in the bathroom. Ben rushes to help Kate instead of going to the wedding. He tells Kate about George’s call and she is smart enough to dump him. They rush off, with Maddie and the whole gang in tow to try and stop the wedding. They enter the church and Ben tells Darcy not to get married. Kate makes a touching and impassioned plea on Ben’s behalf only to find out that Darcy got married over an hour ago. We end the episode with an adorable scene between Ben and Kate. Ben decides to move back and help Kate with Maddie. And then it’s everyone into the pool fully clothed of course!

Dakota Johnson (Kate) and Nat Faxon (Ben) are likable enough as is the rest of the ensemble. And Lucy Punch’s BJ is a break-out character waiting to happen. The show has a lot of potential in fact it is probably going to be better than a few shows I have to watch because I have friends working on them, but my plate is probably too full to stick with this show. Sadly the same thing happened with COMMUNITY, COUGAR TOWN, and RAISING HOPE. I can’t watch them all, even though I try.

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