“Ben and Kate” Interview with Dakota Johnson and Geoff Stults

Kate has a love interest in Will on Ben and Kate tonight, and TV Equals was able to hear from both Dakota Johnson (Kate) and Geoff Stults (Will) themselves! During the call, Johnson and Stults talked about improv, what it’s like for Johnson to lead a series and more.

Coming into an already-gelled cast

Stults did admit that it was different for him to join a cast that had already formed a cohesive unit together. “I hadn’t done that in a long time. It was really interesting…But it was fun,” he said. “This was a wonderful stretch for me. It’s kind of weird to join a cast that is up and running already. You have to kind of hit the ground running, so to speak…It’s been a blast. Especially working with Dakota. I feel like I learn something new every day.”

Johnson on being a lead on a series

This is the first time Johnson has starred as one of the leads on a television series, and she said that kind of responsibility is both daunting and exciting. “It’s still pretty intense. I’ve never actually even been on television before. I’ve never done any sort of guest star [role] on television before, so I never knew what the schedule was like or…how quickly you work in television. So, to go from not knowing anything about it to carrying a television show was a really big, scary step for me,” she said. “Also, [it’s scary] because I wanted to succeed and I wanted to do well and do good work and on top of that, being the one who does everything for the show. It was a lot. [It’s a] little crazy and scary but it’s also really interesting and fun.”

Improvising on set

“I’ve never been on anything before–on television I mean–where that was allowed or encouraged,” said Stults when talking about the amount of improv allowed on Ben and Kate. “The first time it happened, I was like, ‘wow, [they] don’t know their lines,’ and then…’Oh…they’re doing this on purpose.’ So I think it’s a blast. It’s so much fun to be able to add that creative stream for me.”

“I think we’re really lucky on my show that they trust all of us enough to riff on each other and they don’t feel like we’re wasting time,” added Johnson. “…Each one of us personalize our characters as much as we can and we personalize the jokes and we come up with new jokes and we’ll riff on each other and…it makes you feel like you are being creative and giving to this project, and I think that’s what makes Ben and Kate a little different. We make it a little bit more real and we make it more human.”

Kate’s penchant for grasping for words

Fans of the show have now become accustomed to Kate’s tic–scrambling for words, especially if a good-looking guy is present. The tic, according to Johnson, helps ground the character in reality.

“First of all, I’m really glad my signature move is stumbling for words,” she said jokingly. “But that happens to me in my real life real life, but I think that’s what makes Kate a human person. It makes her real. I want to see a young woman who doesn’t know how to handle herself in front of men and isn’t a hot sex symbol and…isn’t really cool…and doesn’t know how to flirt with people. I think that’s funny, and I think that’s Kate…I think it’s sweet.”

Source: TV Equals

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