Dakota featured in short film for Estrella Damm

Dakota Johnson, Quim Gutierrez and Game of Thrones’ Natalia Tena star in Oscar-winning The Others director Alejandro Amenabar’s first short. Johnson plays, Rachel, an American tourist who goes to Ibiza for the summer and makes a group of friends on the Spanish island.

Johnson plays the tourist. Tena and Gutierrez play two of the friends she meets.

Suite Francais’ Edu Grau headed photography on the short that Amenabar wrote for beer company Estrella Damm. The short replaces the company’s annual, ever-popular summer commercial.

“We tried to reflect the values that are intimately connected with the Mediterranean, putting special emphasis on the cultural offerings,” the foreign-language film Oscar-winning director of The Sea Inside said. “Living Mediterraneanly means going out, meeting people and immersing yourself in music, film, theater and exhibits. We’d like the film to awaken the audience’s spirit of sociability and optimism and, why not — a smile.”

The full short is set for release on June 15 on www. mediterraneamente.es, ahead of Amenabar’s much-anticipated fall release of psychological thriller Regression, starring Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke.

Source: THR

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