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‘Chloe & Theo’ A Movie That Will Change the Way You Look at the World

Have you ever wanted to meet someone that changes the way you look at the world? Now is your chance. “Chloe & Theo” featuring “50 Shades of Grey” star Dakota Johnson, Mira Sorvino and Theo Ikummaq hits select theaters Sept. 4 and will be available on video on demand.

“Chloe & Theo” tells the story of Theo, an Inuit from the Arctic, who travels from “the top of the Earth” to New York City with an important message for world leaders about the catastrophic impact climate change is having on his home. Upon arrival, he meets a fiery and fearless homeless girl Chloe and together they embark on an odyssey to save the world.

This film was championed by first-time producer Monica Ord. Neither a climate scientist nor a filmmaker, Ord has spent nearly two decades in the life sciences industry. She heard Ikummaq’s true life tale from a friend, producer Lloyd Phillips, who challenged her to do something about it.

She was so deeply moved by what he told her, that within months, after enlisting the help of Sir Richard Branson, Ord found herself with Inuit elders on a dog-sled expedition in the Arctic to bear witness firsthand to the profound changes that climate change was having on Ikummaq’s homeland. It was there on the ice that the idea for this feature film was born.

Read the full article on EcoWatch.

ARC Entertainment Acquires ‘Chloe and Theo’

ARC Entertainment has acquired U.S. rights to “Chloe & Theo,” starring “Fifty Shades of Grey” star Dakota Johnson, Larry King, Mira Sorvino and newcomer Theo Ikummaq.

The film tells the story of Theo (Ikummaq), an Inuit man from the Arctic who travels to New York City to warn world leaders about the impact of global warming on the planet. Upon arrival, he meets Chloe (Johnson), who is homeless. The two join forces to save the world.

“‘Chloe & Theo’ is a very powerful, heartwarming story with stellar performances from Dakota Johnson and Mira Sorvino,” said Scott Moesta, ARC’s head of acquisition, who announced the deal Monday. “We are absolutely thrilled to be distributing this film on the bigscreen and various platforms for fans across the U.S. to enjoy.”

“Chloe & Theo” was written and directed by Ezna Sands and will be released theatrically and on VOD on Sept. 4.

“Chloe & Theo” is produced by Monica Ord, who also exec produced the film with Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and Paul Mitchell founder John Paul DeJoria.

Source: Variety