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February 19, 2017   Stef   Photo Updates 0 Comment

A new batch of scans from 2008-2015 have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

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A big batch of new 2016 and 2017 magazine scans have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the new additions!

February 9, 2017   Stef   Photo Updates 0 Comment

New photos of Dakota a the Fifty Shades Darker premiere held on February 7th in Hamburg have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the new additions and look for photos from Madrid and London to be added later this evening as well.

February 5, 2017   Stef   Black Mass, Photo Updates 0 Comment

Blu-ray screencaps of Dakota in Black Mass have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

February 5, 2017   Stef   Fifty Shades Darker, Photo Updates 0 Comment

New Fifty Shades Darker photos have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the new additions!

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Daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, granddaughter of the chillest, most unattainable Hitchcock blonde of them all, Tippi Hedren, Dakota Johnson has pasted her own star into this Hollywood constellation. Early twinkles in Crazy in Alabama and The Social Network were the prelude to her breakout casting as the demure literary ingénue Anastasia Steele (yowza) in the screen adaptation of E. L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey, the fiction sensation that got women worldwide thrumming. Following Fifty Shades of Grey is the forthcoming Fifty Shades Darker, and, if civilization prevails, Fifty Shades: The Wrath of Khan. It is outside the pallor and dolor of Fifty Shades that Johnson gets to strut a fuller stride, as Rebel Wilson’s avid sidekick in How to Be Single and as the sun-streaked temptress in Luca Guadagnino’s A Bigger Splash. For her next daredevil mission, Johnson will be en pointe in Guadagnino’s remake of the horror cult classic Suspiria, as a ballerina who joins a mysterioso dance academy presided over by her sub-lunar co-star from A Bigger Splash, Tilda Swinton—it doesn’t get more ooga-booga than that.

Read the full article on Vanity Fair.

January 31, 2017   Stef   Interviews, Photo Updates 0 Comment

Dakota Johnson, the star of Fifty Shades Darker, is our brand-spanking new GLAMOUR cover star. The Hollywood star reveals what the future holds for her, her movie regrets and what it’s really like to work with GLAMOUR’s Sexiest Man of The Year 2017.

Dakota on… leaving the kink behind
“It’s not that it has put me off entirely, but I’m ready to do other stuff. And maybe they will be sexy [projects], or maybe they will be the complete opposite. But I do know that I’m ready to move on.”

Dakota on… whether she can ever imagine a time when she thinks: “I wish I hadn’t done those films”
“It comes in waves. But this project is not going to be my swan song. It has put my life on a path that I didn’t plan to go down, but I do feel proud of it. And the films have allowed me to do so many different projects and travel so much. In the end, Fifty Shades has plopped me in a world that I really wanted to be in.”

Dakota on… whether her parents have seen any of the films?
“They haven’t because it’s such a tricky thing. It’s too uncomfortable for them. It’s one thing if a film has one sex scene in it, but with this, a large part of the premise is the arc of their sexual relationship, and I think that’s a little inappropriate for my family to watch.”

Dakota on… her newfound appreciation for the world of sex toys
“Oh some of that stuff is just so beautiful! When we first started on Fifty Shades, that wasn’t a world I was privy to at all, and I soon found out there are all these different tiers. There are some things out there that are really grimy and nasty, and then there are really beautiful, intricate and chic toys. Actually, whole aspects of the BDSM world are truly beautiful.”

Source: Glamour

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Two new photoshoots of Dakota have been added to the gallery. More coming soon. Enjoy!